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Ontario Tinting Laws


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   The Tint-Chek PRO (TC3800) will meet all of the current and future requirements for the tinting laws in Ontario, as well as future extensions of the law in Canada.  Some of the TC3800 features include: 

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Two-Piece Design - The TC3800 allows for testing of the windshield, as well as rear and side windows. 

Backlit LCD display  -  Backlighting is very helpful when using the meter in darker environments.  It is especially beneficial when being used in the evening, on overcast days, or even indoors.  With the Tint-Chek PRO, windows can be tested at any time of day, and the results can be easily seen.

Battery Replacement - The Tint-Chek PRO is powered with a 9-volt alkaline battery, which provides extremely long life.  The meter has a slide-out battery cover, separate from the electronics.  No risk of damaging your unit or destroying your calibration when replacing batteries that force you to open the unit.  Competing models require removing screws that are easy to lose and requires a non-standard size of screwdriver (for most users).

Increased ResolutionThe TC3800 displays measurements to the nearest 0.1%.  This will remove the rounding errors that can occur with lower cost models.  For instance, a window may have a VLT value of 39.5%, which could be less accurately rounded up to 40% on competing devices.  Choose the TC3800 for the best accuracy through its improved resolution.

All Digital, micro-processor controlled electronics - The Tint-Chek PRO takes high-speed measurements shown on the real-time display.  No drifting of values, as the TC3800 locks on one accurate result. The instrument will also turn itself off after several minutes of non-use which helps conserve battery power.

Included Accessories - The Tint-Chek PRO comes equipped with a protective carrying case, two NIST traceable calibration standards, and a 9-volt alkaline battery, so it's ready to take measurements right out of the box.

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